Jumat, 21 Januari 2011


1. Lee Min Ho (13 votes)

I can really see why people love him. His acting in one of Korean TV serial 'Boys Before Flowers' really made him a real big star.

2. Kim Sang Bum (12 votes)

Another guy from 'Boys Before Flowers' serial, he's the smallest and the cutest of the 4. Many people just can't resist his cute, attractive smile.

3. Kim Hyun Joong (9 Votes)

Another guy of the 4 in 'Boys Before Flowers', Hyun Joong is a singer, who used to be in SS501. His calm and sweet attitude really attracted many fans!

4. Kim Ki Bum (8 Votes)

A great singer, dancer and actor, with his cute look. He's one of Super Junior's member, but he seems to be absent in most of the concerts because of his career in filming industry.

5. Choi Si Won (5 Votes)

Another member of Super Junior, Siwon has an awesome body shape. A great singer, dancer and actor, its just clear why he has many lovers.

6. Jang Geun Suk (5 Voters)

His cute smile and unique attitude had being spotted as he played a major role in a Korean TV serial 'He's Beautiful', followed by many other serials before and after that. A great actor, having a sweet smile and voice.

7. Rain (5 Votes)

He's my favorite Korean actor since I was a kid, that was when he played a Korean TV serial 'Full House'. His ability to sing, dance, having a great body shape and a great actor too has lead him to go International, both in music and filming industry.

8. Kim Jae Jong (4 Votes)

Started his career on DBSK as a singer, now, he's the lead singer of JYJ, and plus, he's a great actor too.

9. Yesung (4 Votes)

Super Junior member, capable of singing and dancing, he used to be a radio host too, and won't be completed without his acting career.

10. Lee Dong Hae

One of the lead dancer of Super Junior, Dong Hae has a cute face, good voice, and a great actor too. How complete.

11. Kyu Hyun

One of my favorite guy on Super Junior. As his pals, he's also a great singer, dancer and actor. His look seems
 not 100% Korean, and a bit of Western, do you think so? (I do).

12. Yoon Shi Yoon


I love him cause he has the typical Korean guy's look. Played a horror movie 'Death Bell 2' and Korean TV serial 'Bread Love and Dream (King of Baking), his innocent and good personality really caught people's attention.

13. Lee Hong Ki (2 Votes)

Member of FT Island, he also played in 'He's Beautiful', as Jeremy, the sweetest and the most innocent of the 3. How I love this guy.

14. Key (2 Votes)

Shinee's member, rapper and dancer. Key has the best ability in language, compared to his friends in Shinee. He can speak foreign languages, English and Japan. Cool!

15. Yoseob (2 Votes)

Beast (B2st)'s cute member, a singer and dancer, his hairstyles really caught people's attention.

2 Votes:

16. Yoo Seung Ho

17. Kang Dong Wo

18. Park Yoo Chun

19. Lee Dong Wook

20. Lee Seung Gi

21. Jung Yong Hwa

1 Vote:

22. Choi Min Ho

23. Seung Ri

24. Kim Jun Su

25. Kang Min Hyuk

26. Nickhun

27. Jun Hyung

28. Lee Jun Ki

29. Won Bin

30. Bae Yong Joon

31. Park Shin Yang

32. Lee Bum Su

33. Hyun Bin

34. Lee Taemin

35. Lee Jin Ki

36. Ryeo Wook

37. Park Si Hoo

38. Ryu Shi Won

39. Jeong Il Woo

40. Lee Jun Ho

41. Jang Dong Gun

42. Daniel Henney

43. Eun Hyuk

44. Kim Jeong Hoon

45. Lee Chi Hoon

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